We are a team of two sisters – Angela and Annie, who love baking, decorating, and eating!

We have spent a lifetime tasting different types of cakes at various shops and suppliers, but always loved our Mom’s home-made awesome vanilla cakes – The freshly baked oven scent, soft spongy base, and the melt in your mouth feeling, are still some of the earliest and best memories from our childhood.

Back in 2018, we were struggling to find local shops and suppliers who could create customised cakes for our kids birthdays. Most shops were unable to meet our customisation needs, the few shops who made customised cakes required plenty of advance notice and were too expensive. Then again, the trade-off between what looked good did not necessarily tasty good and vice versa. As we were munching down dissatisfied of the cake, one of us commented – We could have made it better. This was our Eureka moment!

Since then we have been trying out various recipes, attending numerous baking courses and been perfecting our cake design and decorating skills. After a lot of trial and error, we have narrowed down on the best recipe. They say ‘all good buildings need a strong foundation’, similarly all great cakes need a soft and delicious base. We believe that an awesome cake needs to be both visually appealing as well as tasty, it is indeed true that we consume food through multiple senses – visual, smell, touch and taste.

We at Blissful Delights pride ourselves in adding beautiful memories to special occasions – A cake is and will always be the centre of all celebrations. We specialise in a huge rage of products including Regular cakes, Theme cakes, Premium cakes, Occasion cakes, Doughnuts, Cupcakes among others. We aim to deliver what our customers want, at a reasonable price using quality ingredients and with the utmost love, care and attention. If you haven’t tried our range of products yet give us a chance to impress you with our splash of Blissful Delights!